700 meters Nowshera tunnel break through ceremony held.


Nowshera: Director General Border Roads, Lt Gen Raghu Srinivasan, VSM on Sunday attended the breakthrough ceremony of 700 meters Nowshera tunnel on Jammu Rajouri Poonch national highway.

The national highway connecting Jammu with Rajouri and Poonch districts is presently under upgradation as two lane with paved shoulders under border roads organisation.

A total of 4 tunnels are being constructed on this highway which is having vital importance as it connects the twin border districts Rajouri and Poonch with rest part of the country.

Heavy movement of Indian Army and other forces takes place from this highway on daily basis as there is very heavy presence of Indian Army and other forces in this region as it is located on the Line of Control.

Work on Nowshera tunnel was started 7 months ago and it is 700 meters long and will also reduce the distance of Highway stretch by around 11 km.

After 7 months of rigorous work, the engineers and other man power engaged for the construction work has completed the digging of portal from both sides which are referred to as North portal and South portal.

On today break through ceremony for this tunnel was organise which has been attended by director general border roads along with other senior officers of border roads.

With the completion of breakthrough ceremony both the portals of tunnel are connected with each other and it is expected that the remaining work of the tunnel will be completed in next few months and it will be ready for movement of vehicles in next 6 months.

DG BR Lt Gen Raghu Srinivasan while interacting with media termed the break through ceremony of nowshera tunnel as a landmark achievement in terms of surface transportation upgradation in this border region of Rajouri and Poonch.

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