“After 30 years, Janmashtami was celebrated at Lal Chowk in Kashmir…”: Amit Shah


Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) : Hailing the abrogation of Article 370 from the Indian Constitution, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday said that it is after 30 years that Janmashtami was celebrated at Lal Chowk in Jammu and Kashmir adding that Union Terriority is making rapid progress under the BJP-led Centre.

Addressing the Prabuddha Jan Sammelan in Bhopal, Home Minister Amit Shah said,” When I was a party worker in my earlier days, I used to wonder how will Article 370 be removed. But on August 5, 2019 PM Modi ended Article 370. There can’t be two constitutions, two Prime Ministers and two flags in any country. Congress allowed it for 70 years in the name of appeasement. Now after 30 years, Janmashtami was celebrated at Lal Chowk. After 30 years movie theatres have started there after 30 years Muharram procession was held there.”

Asserting that country was trapped in “casteism, family politics, appeasement and corruption”, Amit Shah said that it is Prime Minister Modi who got rid of “all these evils” through his good governance model.

‘He implemented politics of performance,” Amit Shah said adding that “Just like there were two sides in Mahabharata, with Pandavas on one side and Kauravas on other, similarly there is a nation-loving group led by PM Modi and an alliance of seven families.

“They don’t want a person coming from a poor family to become Prime Minister. Look at them Sonia Gandhi wants her son to become PM, Sharad Pawar wants his daughter to become CM, Mamata Banerjee wants her nephew to become CM, Lalu wants his son to become CM, Stalin wants his son to become CM and Akhilesh again wants to become CM. These seven families only work for their interests,” he said.

Earlier today, accusing Congress of corruption to the tune of around Rs 12 lakh crore, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) revived a ‘BIMRAU’ Madhya Pradesh and trying to convert it into a developed state.

Addressing the ‘Booth Samiti Sammelan’ in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur, Amit Shah said, “In Indian politics, the Congress party is synonymous with corruption. Congress means corruption and corruption means Congress. In 10 years, they did scams worth Rs 12 lakh crores. After 10 years of Modi government, they cannot accuse PM Narendra Modi of stealing even a penny.”

Drawing comparisons between the funds Madhya Pradesh received under the Congress-led UPA from 2004-2014 and BJP-led NDA from 2014-2024, Amit Shah said that BJP revived a “sick Madhya Pradesh and tried to transform into a developed state”.

“Sonia-Manmohan government gave only Rs 1,99,000 crores to Madhya Pradesh from 2004-2014. Whereas PM Narendra Modi gave Rs 7,74,000 crores to the state in just 9 years. We developed every pilgrimage site. BJP revived a sick Madhya Pradesh and trying to convert it into a developed state,” he said.


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