Akasa flight carrying 186 passengers receives security alert


New Delhi: Akasa Airlines flight from Delhi to Mumbai carrying 186 passengers along with 1 infant and six crew members received a security alert on Monday.

However, as per the airlines, the aeroplane was diverted to Ahmedabad and all the passengers were deplaned.
“As per prescribed safety and security procedures, the plane was diverted to Ahmedabad. The Captain followed all required emergency procedures and landed safely at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport at 10:13 hrs. All passengers have been deplaned. Akasa Air is following and supporting all safety and security protocols on the ground,” Akasa said in an official statement.

Earlier on May 31, a Vistara flight bound for Srinagar, carrying 177 passengers and one infant received a bomb threat, prompting swift action by the airline and security forces. Flight no-UK-611, which departed from Delhi, landed safely at Srinagar Airport at approximately 12:10 AM.

“All passengers were safely de-boarded at the isolation bay. Currently, the aircraft is undergoing a thorough security check by the relevant authorities to ensure the safety of all concerned,” an airport. Despite the disruption, all passengers were reported to be safe, and the situation was handled with the utmost priority to ensure their security.

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