Anger against Art 370 abrogation also a reason behind high voter turnout in Baramulla: Omar Abdullah


Srinagar: National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said on Tuesday that the high voter turnout in the Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency in Jammu and Kashmir was due to the courage shown by the people to express themselves through their votes.

Abdullah, who is a candidate for the Baramulla Lok Sabha seat, did not agree with the claims made by the BJP top brass that the record turnout was due to abrogation of Article 370 by the Centre in 2019.

“We know how good the situation is. What happened in Shopian and Pahalgam two days earlier tells us how good the situation is.

“People showed courage to use their right to vote. The Centre does not get any credit for it. If they want to link it to Article 370 (abrogation), they will have to answer why the turnout was higher in the elections held before 1990,” the NC vice president told reporters at NC headquarters here.

Asked if the high voter turnout was due to the anger of the people against abrogation of Article 370, the former chief minister said it was “also a reason”.

The Baramulla Lok Sabha constituency, which went to polls on Monday, recorded an all-time high voter turnout of 59 per cent.

“The second reason is that they are not heard at any level. The present dispensation is ruling like undisputed kings.

“Who gets the permission to enter the government offices today? And even if one manages to enter, whose issues get redressed?” he asked.

All decisions are announced like royal decrees and the people are anxious. There are many reasons but the good thing is that they have used their vote as, in a democracy, it is the only way to express yourself, Abdullah added.

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