Bridge linking 80 villages in Pulwama, Budgam districts ‘nears completion’


Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir) : After nearly a decade of sluggish progress, the Rahmoo Pulwama Bridge, which was swept away in the 2014 floods in Jammu and Kashmir, is slated to reopen for the public.

The new 150-metre bridge holds importance as it will connect at least 80 villages between Pulwama and Budgam districts. The cost of the project is about Rs 26 crore.

The construction of the bridge is progressing at full speed, bringing significant infrastructural development to the region.

Currently, the construction work done by the roads and bridges department (R&B) of the Jammu and Kashmir government funded under the Jhelum and Tawi Flood Recovery Project (JTFRP) has reached an impressive milestone, with 70 percent completion.

Javaid Ahmad (Executive Engineer R&B Pulwama)  “It is a very large bridge. It connects with a larger area, especially Pakharpora, Charar-i-Sharief and Budgam. I think 80-100 villages rely on it. It was damaged in the 2014 floods. The work is going on at full speed.”

The dedicated efforts of the construction teams highlight the commitment to timely project delivery.

Once completed, this bridge is expected to facilitate smoother transportation, benefit residents and enhance economic activities in the connected villages, which are mostly dependent on apple crops.

Rayees Ahmad, a local, told ANI, “We are very grateful to the administration as a large area gets connected with this bridge. Work is in full progress round the clock, even in minus temperatures. We think the bridge will be motorable by March.”

The impending completion within the next two months signals a major milestone in the project timeline. As the bridge nears its inauguration, it promises to become a vital link, not only physically connecting communities but also fostering social and economic development.

The dedication of this bridge to the people will mark a momentous occasion, symbolising progress and improved connectivity for the residents of Rahmoo and surrounding villages.



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