Deputy Commissioner interacts with Civil Society Members at Rajouri


Seeks public cooperation on development front

RAJOURI,: In a commendable display of collaboration and unity, Deputy Commissioner Rajouri Om Prakash Bhagat today chaired a crucial meeting of the civil society members here in the PWD Dak Bunglow.

 The purpose of the meeting was to foster a stronger partnership between the district administration and the community, aiming to elevate the development of the district to new heights.

During the meeting, Advocate Chowdhury Naseem Liyaqat, the Chairman of the District Development Council (DDC) urged the civil society members to work side by side with the District administration in driving the development agenda of the district. In a powerful appeal, he emphasized the pivotal role of collaborative efforts, highlighting the need for a unified approach towards achieving collective progress.

Addressing the meeting, Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat expressed unwavering commitment of the District Administration to serve the best interests of the district. He emphasized that the district administration is working at its maximum potential and acknowledged the integral role of the civil society members in achieving progress. Deputy Commissioner Om Prakash Bhagat called upon the community to actively contribute their expertise, support, and cooperation to propel the district forward on the developmental front.

The civil society members present at the meeting wholeheartedly appreciated the proactive steps taken by the District Administration for the welfare of the common masses. They acknowledged the dedication of the administration and expressed their gratitude for its tireless efforts in implementing initiatives that address the needs of the people.

Furthermore, the members reassured their full cooperation in forging a path of development and prosperity for the district. They also raised pertinent issues receiving assurance from the Deputy Commissioner for early redressal.

The collective efforts of the district administration, civil society members, and prominent citizens signify a remarkable synergy aimed at realizing the true potential of the potential. Together, they will work towards the betterment of the community, fostering an environment conducive to growth, inclusivity, and progress.

Prominent citizens including DDC Member Rajouri, Sai Abdul Rashid, DDC Member Dhangri, Rameshwar Singh and other senior and prominent citizens attended the meeting. Officers present in the meeting were SSP Amrit Pal Singh; ADDC Pawan Kumar; ADC Rajeev Kumar Khajuria; CPO Mohammad Khurshid; ASP Vivek Shekhar; ACR Imran Rashid Kataria; DPO Auqil Nuvaid; DSEO Sandeep Sharma; DSWO Abdul Rahim, Tehsildar Rajouri, Varinder  Sharma and EXEN PWD (R&B) Rajouri, Sardar Khan.

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