DLSA Srinagar organizes Awareness program for prisoners in Central jail Srinagar



SRINAGAR: In accordance with PAN India Campaign for Identifying Juveniles in Prisons and Rendering Legal Assistance 2024, aimed to restore the youth and uphold justice, the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Srinagar today organized an awareness program for prisoners in Central jail Srinagar, focusing on the Juvenile Justice Law.

It is worth mentioning here that the campaign was virtually launched on January 25, 2024, by Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjiv Khanna, Judge, Supreme Court of India, and Executive Chairman, National Legal Services Authority;

Today’s programme was held under the guidance of Jawad Ahmed, Chairman of District Legal Services Authority (PDJ) Srinagar.

Under the campaign,. Jahangir Ahmed Bakshi, Secretary DLSA, Srinagar, officials, Assistant LADC’s and Para Legal Volunteers, of DLSA Srinagar, visited the Central Jail to fulfill the objectives of the campaign.

This collaborative initiative underscores the commitment of legal authorities to ensure fair and just treatment for juvenile offenders within the legal framework.

The program aimed to raise awareness among Juveniles about their rights and entitlements under the Juvenile Justice Law and to provide them with legal assistance and guidance. The program also aimed to identify juveniles in prisons and ensure their timely release and rehabilitation.

Speaking on the occasion, Secretary, DLSA Srinagar, emphasized the importance of providing legal assistance to juvenile prisoners. He said that the Juvenile Justice Law is a comprehensive legislation that provides for the protection and care of children in conflict with the law. He also urged the prison authorities to ensure that the rights of juvenile prisoners are upheld.

Superintendent, Central Jail, Srinagar, Barkat Ali and Deputy Superintendent Shabir Ahmad Mir expressed their support for the campaign and emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to ensure its successful implementation. They assured all necessary logistics assistance to facilitate the smooth conclusion of the campaign.

They stressed the need for collaborative efforts between the judiciary, District Legal Services Authorities, and prison authorities to effectively address the issues faced by juveniles in the criminal justice system.

During the visit, Secretary along with LADCs, Jail PLVs team interacted with inmates, gathered information, and provided guidance on the legal process for claiming juvenility. It was also emphasized that necessary documents be provided to Jail PLVs and LADCs for expeditious initiation of process for claiming juvenility

The program witnessed the presence of inmates, jail officials, and members of the LADCs. The program was a success and achieved its objectives of raising awareness about the Juvenile Justice Law and providing legal assistance to juvenile prisoners.

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