Enforcement team Targets Illegal mining Activities in Samba District


SAMBA: Geology and Mining Department Samba, under the guidance of DC Abhishek Sharma, undertook a comprehensive operation to curb illegal mining activities within the district.

    The day-long initiative resulted in the confiscation of six dumpers and four tractor trollies, which have been secured in police custody pending penalty realization. Additionally, several other vehicles were  penalized on the spot for different violations identified during the operation.

Over the past few days, penalty notices amounting to approximately Rs 70 lakh were issued to numerous stone crushers operating for different violations of geology and mining regulations.

 These stringent measures aim to enforce compliance and deter any illegal stocking, extraction, or transportation of minerals, ultimately contributing to the preservation and protection of our natural environment.

The enforcement efforts are aimed  to reinforce the laws governing geology and mining, ensuring sustainable practices and safeguarding the ecological balance of Samba District.

The general public has been strongly advised to procure minerals exclusively from legal sources, ensuring the acquisition is accompanied by proper e-challans.

By obtaining minerals through legal channels with valid e-challans, citizens contribute significantly to the preservation of natural resources and the protection of public funds. Cooperation from the community is crucial in maintaining the ecological balance and preventing the detrimental impact of unauthorized mining activities.

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