Healing Hearts And Saving Lives : Joint Medical Camp By Borderless World foundation, Civil Administration and Indian Army In Surankote, Thanamandi and Kotranka, Poonch

Poonch: Indian Army in collaboration with Borderless World Foundation,Nasik Local and the Civil Administration is conducting two days  transformative medical camp on 13 and 14 May in Surankote Thanamandi and Kotranka.

This camp is aimed to assist resident population and Gujjar Bakkarwal community deras from far flung areas like Dara Sangla, Sangla, Faslabad, Marhote, Jammu Shid, Dograin, Poshana , Naili, Azmatabad, Alal , Pangai, Koranka, Samote and Mangota of Surankot  and Thanamandi who access the medical facilities, healthcare services and medicines so as to enhance  their health and well being.

This camp included teams of  Twelve  specialist doctors of Borderless World Foundation , Six specialist doctors from Government Medical College , Surankote and Rajouri and Indian Army doctors collaborating  together to ensure the success of the camp.

The team of Doctors includes  Ophthamlogists, General Physician, Gynaecologist, Dermatologist, Paediatrician and Orthopaedic specialists.The medical camp has a profound effect on the local communities, particularly the Gujjars and Bakharwals.

Approximately 1800 persons to include  600 male, 700 Female and 250 children  availed the medical facility at both the locations. These marginalized communities often reside in remote areas where healthcare infrastructure is scarce. The camp brought essential medical services directly to their doorstep.

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