Israeli military strikes Hezbollah arms network deep within Lebanon


Tel Aivv [Israel]: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) reported that overnight Israel Air Force fighter jets attacked a military compound of Hezbollah’s Unit 4400 – the logistical reinforcement unit of the terrorist organisation – which serves in transporting weapons to Lebanon and within Lebanon.

In the complex, two centers located in the area of Baalbek in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley, northeast of Beirut were attacked. This is much deeper into Lebanese territory than the areas in southern Lebanon that have been the focus of the fighting in recent months.

In addition, other terrorist targets were attacked in the Aitaroun area in southern Lebanon, including a military site and two military buildings belonging to the terrorist organisation Hezbollah. The attacks were carried out in response to the downing of an IDF UAV/drone that was operating in the skies over Lebanon Monday night.

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