J&K: Fishery Department initiates fish seed stocking to boost local fishing industry in Anantnag


Anantnag (Jammu and Kashmir): The Fisheries Department in Anantnag district of South Kashmir has initiated a significant project to stock fish seeds in various streams and rivers, which aims to enhance the local aquatic ecosystem and provide substantial benefits to the local community, especially fishermen.

By introducing the fish seeds, the department seeks to increase the fish population, ensuring a sustainable source of livelihood for the fishermen.
The initiative is expected to have a positive ripple effect on the local economy as the fish population increases, local markets will see a rise in supply, potentially lowering prices and making fish more accessible to the broader community.

The initiative can also help in boosting the income of fishermen, providing them with a more stable and reliable source of revenue. Moreover, the project aligns with environmental conservation goals. By maintaining healthy fish populations, the overall health of the aquatic ecosystems in these streams and rivers will also see an improvement. This can lead to better water quality and a more balanced ecosystem, benefiting both wildlife and human populations.

Notably, the Department of Fisheries undertook fish seed stocking under Mission Fingerling. As per the website of the Fisheries Department, under the Mission Fingerling stocking programme, fish seeds of fingerling size are stocked in natural water bodies as well as manmade water resources including private fish rearing units.

This activity is for increasing the fish population in the natural water bodies and sustains the biomass due to enhanced survival rate and faster growth. Under the programme, all the natural water bodies are stocked with quality, disease-resistant and fast-growing varieties of fish seed.

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