J&K: Meet Muskaan Nargis, a young female writer from Srinagar


Srinagar: If you want to be a good writer, you have to become a keen observer, says Muskaan Nargis, a budding writer from Srinagar who is emerging as a literary force with two published books under her belt. Her literary journey began in childhood, fuelled by a deep-seated passion for writing.

Nargis, a resident of the Tengpora area of Srinagar city, is a BA third-year student at a women’s college in Srinagar.
Explaining the reason for writing her books in English, she told ANI, “It is not that I can’t speak Kashmiri. But there is a problem with writing. We are taught to write in Kashmiri up to classes 8-9 in schools. Thereafter, it pales into insignificance. And Kashmiri has never remained one of my subjects”. “And my focus was on English. So I wrote in that language,” she added.

Her latest book, “Unrevealing Shadows,” was released recently. The first of her works, “Struggle of a Single Parent,” reflects poignant narratives, likely drawing inspiration from her own life experiences. On why she was drawn towards writing, Nargis said, “I would continue to keep writing. I will be doing my master’s and start making preparations for civil services”.

Responding to a query, Nargis said, “Technology has made life easier as well as disturbing. I believe there are still a lot of people who write, but readers, who are growing disinterested, are not ready. You will get every kind of information on the Internet in a flash.”

“But the problem is, if we want to be good writers, we have to become keen observers,” she said. Muskaan attributes her success to the unwavering support of her parents. “First of all, credit goes to God for blessing me with writing, followed by my mother. She has been a pillar of strength, supporting me at every stage. My first book was about them and the second book is about a girl,” she said.

Nargis expressed her gratitude to all those who supported her and expressed hope that her book would connect with the readers and shed light on the challenges faced by the girls.

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