Knowledge Sharing Session on Monetary Policy of India held at CUJ


Jammu: The Department of Public Policy and Public Administration (PPPA) at Central University of Jammu organized a knowledge sharing session on Monetary Policy of India. The session aimed to provide valuable insights into the functioning and significance of the country’s monetary policy.

Dr. Mohd Anwar, Assistant Adviser in the Department of Statistics was invited as eminent speaker for the session. He was recognized for his knowledge and experience in the field. Prof. Yashwant Singh, Registrar Central University of Jammu, attended the session as a special guest.

Prof. Santap Sanhari Mishra, Head of PPPA Department, delivered the welcome address and facilitated the presence of the esteemed guests. As the host of the event, Prof. Mishra set the tone for the session and expressed gratitude for the presence of the distinguished dignitaries. He specially thanked Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Central University Jammu Prof. Sanjeev Jain for the encouragement for organizing this session.

During the session, Prof. Singh emphasized the importance of understanding monetary policy and the role of technology in the banking system. He highlighted how this knowledge would be beneficial for students and researchers in comprehending the finance system of the nation. Prof. Singh’s insights shed light on the intersection of technology and finance, providing a broader perspective on the subject.

Dr. Anwar’s presentation focused on various aspects of the monetary policy framework in India. He discussed topics such as Monetary Policy Operation, Liquidity Market Operation, Foreign Exchange Operation, Monetary Policy Transmission, Financial Stability, and Monetary Statistics. Through his presentation, Dr. Anwar provided a comprehensive overview of the evolution and functioning of the monetary policy framework in the country. Thereafter an interactive session where students had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussions with Dr. Anwar.

The knowledge sharing session witnessed a significant turnout, with students, scholars, faculty members, and deans from various departments of Central University of Jammu in attendance. The diverse audience highlighted the widespread interest and importance of understanding the monetary policy of India. The session served as a platform for knowledge exchange and promoted a deeper understanding of the subject among the participants.

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