Local Residents Expressed Gratitude to Vice Chancellor Central University of Jammu for Installing Solar Lights


Jammu :  The local residents of  village Bagla suchani surrounding the Central University of Jammu expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the Vice Chancellor, Central university of jammu, Prof. Sanjeev Jain, today for the installation of solar lights along the three-kilometer stretch of road bordering the university campus. This initiative has significantly enhanced safety and convenience for the local community, especially during evening hours.

The installation of solar lights along the Central University Jammu road has been a transformative development for the neighboring villages. Previously, the lack of adequate lighting posed safety concerns and hindered accessibility, particularly for pedestrians and commuters traversing the area after sunset. However, with the implementation of solar lighting infrastructure, these concerns have been effectively addressed; promote a safer and more accessible environment for all.

The villagers commend Prof. Sanjeev Jain, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jammu for their proactive approach in prioritizing the well-being and safety of the local community. The initiative not only demonstrates the university’s commitment to sustainable development but also highlights its role as a responsible stakeholder in the broader community.

Prof. Sanjeev Jain during a meeting with the residents of a nearby village assured that the university stands ready to provide all necessary assistance to address their needs and concerns.

 The installation of solar lights along the university campus road not only illuminates the path for villagers but also symbolizes a beacon of progress and collaboration between the university and the surrounding community. The villagers extend their special thanks to Prof. Sanjeev Jain for his exemplary leadership in spearheading this initiative.

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