Mega Medical Camp at Surankote and Kotranka By Borderless World Foundation, Civil Administration And Indian Army at, Rajouri & Poonch

Poonch & Rajouri: To support and assist the residents , Gujjars, Bakkarwals & Pahadi population from Surankote, Kotranka and nearby areas, Indian Army collaborated with Borderless World Foundation, a Pune based NGO, GMC, Rajouri & Poonch and PHC , Kotranka to conduct a Mega Medical Camp at Kotranka and Surankote on 14 May 2024.The team of doctors consisted of a total 13 x specialist doctors at Kotranka and 10 x specialist doctors at Surankote.

The team of specialists included Physician, Gynaecologist, Pharmacist, Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist ,Pediatrician and Physician. Apart from the team of foundation, doctors from GMC, Rajouri and Poonch and PHC, Kotranka were also present. Separate counters were made for all the doctors to provide the specialist care needed for the incoming patients including a covered gynae-corner. A screening counter was also established at Kotranka to take sputum samples of the patients for TB.

A total of 2428 residents including 1031 x men, 1060 x women and 237 x children from areas of  Kotranka and Surankote availed the benefit of free medical treatment and distribution of medicines. The event is aimed to assist the resident population and the migrating Gujjar Bakkarwal community deras from far flung areas to have access to specialised medical health care. Through the collective efforts of Indian Army and team of civilian medical professionals, resident population received much needed healthcare support and contribution to their overall well-being.

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