Private Schools Association of Jammu & Kashmir (PSAJK) Condemns Unwarranted Attacks on Educational Institutions


So called social media influencers need to work under social, official and moral accountability

Srinagar: The Private Schools Association of Jammu & Kashmir (PSAJK) expresses its strong condemnation of recent attempts to slander private educational institutions. Certain individuals, falsely claiming to represent parents, have been resorting to malicious attacks and misleading information campaigns.

“We condemn such unfounded accusations that damage the reputation of our schools,” stated a PSAJK spokesperson.

Not only private schools, these individuals are demening government officials and official bodies like FFRC.

The PSAJK acknowledges the Fee Fixation and Regulation Committee (FFRC) as a legitimate body despite having differences with its orders. These directives, often issued without considering private schools’ perspectives, have resulted in unfortunate school closures.

Private schools face a constant barrage of regulations from various entities, including the FFRC, the Director of School Education, and the civil administration. This, coupled with the rise of self-proclaimed social media influencers who exploit the situation for personal gain, creates a challenging environment for schools to operate effectively.

“The positive impact of private schools on Kashmir’s education sector, with fees significantly lower than other parts of country, is being overlooked,” the spokesperson emphasized. “These institutions have revolutionized education, yet their contributions go unrecognized.”

The PSAJK highlights the burdens faced by private schools: extensive documentation requirements, obtaining NOCs, and navigating taxes and inflation. Additionally, schools are left in a precarious position when parents default on fees, with no clear mechanism for recourse.

Despite these challenges, private schools have established robust grievance redressal systems through dedicated committees. These committees are duly recognised by government.
So where do these social media personalities stand. The PSAJK questions the motives of social media influencers who appear to be politically motivated and prioritize personal gain through sensationalized online campaigns.

“These influencers engage in social media propaganda, exaggerate fee structures, and pressure officials into unwarranted actions,” the spokesperson explained. “Their tactics, including blackmailing attempts over trivial issues, create chaos in the education sector.”

The irony is that these social media persons dont even bother to show both the versions of any issue. They just make allegations, demean and slander private schools and officials. There needs to be social, official and moral accountability of such persons, the spokesperson added.

The PSAJK is prepared to take legal action against such individuals. They urge all schools to remain vigilant and expose these tactics. Their commitment lies in protecting the integrity of private education in Jammu & Kashmir.

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