RepUp was Selected as Exclusive AI-Online Reputation Management Partner by, Setting New Standards for Customer Experiences


New Delhi: RepUp is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with, a globally recognized leader in online booking. This significant collaboration is poised to redefine the approach to AI-driven Online Reputation Management (ORM) for enterprises across Asia, elevating guest satisfaction to unprecedented levels., known for its commitment to innovation, designates RepUp as its Exclusive AI ORM partner. Acknowledging the critical role of online guest perceptions, this collaboration empowers enterprises to proactively manage and enhance their digital presence.

Strategic AI Online Reputation Management: RepUp collaborates with to introduce a strategic AI approach to Online Reputation Management. This partnership enables enterprises to leverage RepUp’s advanced technology for seamless monitoring, response, and enhancement of their online reputation.

RepUp understands the importance of personalized solutions for different markets and demographics, ensuring that each client receives customized strategies to meet their specific needs and goals.

AI Excellence and Innovation:
* Targeted Upselling & Personalization: RepUp employs cutting-edge AI technology to identify upselling opportunities and personalize guest experiences, enhancing revenue streams and customer satisfaction simultaneously.
* Experiential CRM for 360 Journey Orchestration: With RepUp’s Experiential CRM, businesses can seamlessly orchestrate the entire customer journey, ensuring consistent and delightful experiences across all touchpoints.
* Personalization with Generative AI: Leveraging generative AI, RepUp helps hotels deliver personalized experiences tailored to each guest’s preferences, driving higher engagement and loyalty.
Benefitting hotels with Machine Learning:
Heightened Sentiment Analysis: RepUp’s advanced algorithms provide precise sentiment analysis, offering hotels invaluable insights from guest feedback to refine service and reputation.
400,000+ Room Management: RepUp oversees online reputation for over 400,000 rooms, showcasing its significant impact in hospitality.
Strategic Regional Focus: RepUp’s concentrated efforts in South East Asia and GCC regions ensure tailored solutions and expertise for hotels, enhancing their online reputation management.
The Next Frontier:
RepUp and are committed to expanding their partnership to explore additional avenues in AI-driven online reputation management. The collaboration will evolve based on market demands, ensuring enterprises stay at the forefront of maintaining a positive digital presence.
Customer Delight and Vision:
* RepUp aims to take customer delight to the next level with Experiential CRM, creating unforgettable experiences for guests.
* The vision is to lead enterprises towards AI, with a focus on enhancing customer experience through innovative technology.
“Our exclusive partnership with is a strategic move to empower enterprises in managing their online reputation effectively. This collaboration will set new benchmarks in the
industry, taking customer delight to the next level with Experiential CRM.” – Vineet Chauhan, CEO, RepUp
About RepUp:
RepUp is a leading provider of AI-driven online reputation management solutions for enterprises in the hospitality industry, dedicated to advancing businesses in the digital landscape.

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