Safari 18 to introduce AI integration: Apple’s big move for enhanced browsing


Washington: Apple is gearing up to revolutionise the browsing experience with an AI makeover for its Safari browser, set to debut alongside iOS 18 later this year. The tech giant’s move to integrate artificial intelligence into Safari aims to enhance user interaction and streamline web navigation, as per GSM Arena.

Intelligent Search is poised to be the highlight of Safari’s AI-infused update. Leveraging on-device AI capabilities, Safari will analyse web page content to identify topics and key phrases, offering users summarised insights into the page’s contents.

By recognising repeated words and key sentences, intelligent search will provide users with concise overviews, facilitating efficient browsing. In response to the growing demand for enhanced privacy and customisation, Safari will introduce the Web Eraser feature, GSM Arena reported.

This tool empowers users to remove specific elements from web pages, such as banner ads, images, or text sections, ensuring a clutter-free browsing experience. Persistent across sessions, Web Eraser remembers user preferences, offering seamless customisation for every browsing session.

The upcoming Safari update will also bring significant improvements to the browser’s user interface (UI). A new page controls menu will centralise various options, including zoom settings, privacy controls, content blocking, and extension shortcuts.

This streamlined UI design aims to simplify user interactions and improve accessibility to key features.
Looking ahead, Apple plans to integrate a robust visual search feature into Safari, enabling users to obtain product information directly from images.

Similar to Siri’s Visual Lookup feature, this enhancement will provide users with valuable insights into consumer products, further enriching the browsing experience. While these features are currently in development, Apple’s history of product delays and cancellations underscores the uncertainty surrounding their eventual release.
Nonetheless, Apple’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design suggests that Safari’s AI makeover could revolutionise the browsing landscape, GSM Arena reported.

As anticipation builds for the release of Safari 18, users can expect a host of groundbreaking features designed to elevate their browsing experience. With AI integration, enhanced privacy controls, and intuitive UI enhancements, Safari is poised to redefine the way users interact with the web, setting a new standard for browser functionality and user engagement.

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