Srinagar: Directorate of Health Services of Jammu and Kashmir organises a walkathon on occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day’


Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir): On the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day’, the Tobacco Control Cell under the Directorate of Health Services of Jammu and Kashmir, organised a walkathon in Srinagar to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use and promote a smoke-free lifestyle.

The participants, primarily youth, held banners and signs to spread awareness about the dangers of tobacco and intoxicants. Mohammad Amen, an English teacher at Candid Higher Secondary School and the rally’s overall in-charge said, “Students participated enthusiastically, showing their vigour and vitality. The program aimed to raise awareness and inform citizens about the disastrous health effects of tobacco and intoxicants. Such substances not only harm health but also damage one’s character and reputation in society.”

He added, “Nearly 200 students took part in the rally, delivering a clear message that all youths and individuals should be aware of the detrimental effects of intoxicants. These students, when they reach their homes, will further convey this message to their friends and family. These youths are the future of the nation and they must stay away from such substances.”

Amen also extended his gratitude to the ‘Health Department of Jammu and Kashmir’ and media persons who have supported them in this program, stating, “Displaying this event on various platforms will help our message reach millions.”

A student named Shaukat said, “Today we are celebrating ‘World No Tobacco Day’ to raise awareness about staying away from tobacco and intoxicants. We’re encouraging youth to focus on development and personal growth. I believe these rallies have a significant impact and gradually change people’s mindset towards abandoning bad habits and working for their welfare. Such programs and rallies should continue to be organised.”

On this World No Tobacco Day, youth across the world called for the tobacco industry to stop targeting them with products that are harmful to their health. The young people also called on governments to adopt policies to protect them from these manipulative practices, including the relentless marketing of harmful products.

The Member States of the World Health Organisation designated May 31 as World No Tobacco Day in 1987, to draw attention to the global tobacco epidemic, and the preventable death and disease it causes.” This year, World No Tobacco Day calls on us all to protect children from the interference of the tobacco industry. Young people across the world are calling for the tobacco industry to stop targeting them with products that are harmful to their health,” WHO Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Saima Wazed, said.

According to the WHO, tobacco use is a major risk factor for many chronic diseases, including cancer, lung disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke. It is one of the major causes of death and disease in India and accounts for nearly 1.35 million deaths every year. India is also the second-largest consumer and producer of tobacco.

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