Suresh Kumar visits Pandavas site, Ek Mukhi Shivji Heritage Temple


DODA  Principal Secretary Culture, Suresh Kumar Gupta, today visited the ancient Pandavas site at Shiva Dal and Ek Mukhi Shiv Mandir to take stock of infrastructure and other requisite facilities available for the visitors at both the destinations.

The visit was conducted as preparatory measure for celebration of upcoming Maha Shivratri festival, as thousands of devotees throng these religious spots from various parts of the country.

The Principal Secretary was accompanied by President of Ek Mukhi Shiv Mandir Samiti Mohalla,  Seva Ram Parihar and other samiti members.

During the visit, the Principal Secretary evinced keen interest in learning more about these ancient sites and stressed the significance of collaborative efforts towards preserving and maintaining our cultural heritage sites for the posterity.

The Principal Secretary expressed assurance that both these culturally significant heritage sites have the potential to attract visitors not only from Jammu and Kashmir but also from across India and the world. He assurd to take all necessary steps to enhance the infrastructure at these pilgrimage sites, which could contribute immensely towards boosting economy of the entire region.

Seva Ram Parihar briefed Principal Secretary about various promotional activities being conducted regularly by the Samiti management, including organization of a 2-day langar sewa during the Mata Machail Yatra at the Pandavas site Shiva Dal last year.

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