Taiwan tracks 9 Chinese military aircraft, 6 naval vessels operating around nation


Taipei: Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence (MND) said that it detected nine Chinese military aircraft and six naval vessels operating around Taiwan between 6 am (local time) on Tuesday to 6 am (local time) on Wednesday.
According to the Taiwan Ministry of National Defence’s statement, four of nine Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ). Taiwanese armed forces monitored the situation and deployed CAP aircraft, naval vessels, and coastal missile systems in response to the Chinese activities.

“9 PLA aircraft and 6 PLAN vessels operating around Taiwan were detected up until 6 a.m. (UTC+8) today. 4 of the aircraft entered Taiwan’s SW and eastern ADIZ. #ROCArmedForces have monitored the situation and employed appropriate forces to respond,” Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence said in a post on X.

The Taiwan Ministry of National Defence (MND) said that it detected seven Chinese naval vessels and five Chinese military aircraft operating around the nation from 6 am (local time) on Sunday to 6 am (local time) on Monday.
Meanwhile, the Taiwan Air Force Command announced that it carried out an integrated air defence exercise on Tuesday to enhance overall effectiveness of defence operations, Taiwan News reported.

The Taiwan Air Force Command said it would continue to enhance training intensity considering the frequent intrusions by Chinese military aircraft and vessels into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone and nearby water. It further stated that these efforts are made to fulfill regional security and defence operation needs, safeguard airspace and protect the homeland.

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