There should be single definition of terrorism as it could not be good or bad terrorism, says Amit Shah


New Delhi [India], : All nations have to decide a single definition of terrorism, as there could not be good terrorism or bad terrorism, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Monday.

The Union Home Minister was speaking on “Security Beyond Tomorrow: Forging India’s Resilient Future” at the event organised by ORF.

On this occasion, he also launched the ORF Foreign Policy Survey.

“Jammu and Kashmir, Left Wing Extremism and North East were the three main hotspots of terrorism in the country. The Narendra Modi government has made a major crackdown on these three identified hotspots of terrorism in the country. And we have successfully achieved it,” he said.

These hotspots were disturbing peace in the country for 35 years but after Narendra Modi government came into the power in 2014, there has been a significant downfall in cases of terrorism,” he said.

“We have asked other nations to define a single definition of terrorism, as there could not be good terrorism or bad terrorism,” he added.

There has been a 65 per cent fall in incidents of terrorism, Left Wing Extremism and insurgency in the Northeast. The government has made strict laws while maintaining a zero-tolerance policy against terrorism, he said.

The three legislations will replace 160-year-old laws and guarantee all due Constitutional rights to every citizen. People might not agree with the new system, but after its implementation it will be the world’s best criminal justice system and it will ensure justice gets delivered within three years, he added.


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