University of Jammu Facilitates Industrial Visit for Students to Witness Inner Working of Media Outlets


Jammu: Aiming to enhance practical knowledge and industry exposure of its students, the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, University of Jammu under the supervision of its head, Dr Garima Gupta today organised an insightful industrial visit to the printing press and office of the popular publication, the Daily State Samachar.

Led by faculty members, the visit provided students with an invaluable opportunity to witness the inner workings of the media outlet. From observing the intricacies of the printing process to gaining insights into editorial decision-making and newsroom dynamics, the experience was enriching and educational.

While interacting with the students, Managing Director of Daily State Samachar, Shamsher Singh Charak emphasized the importance of such initiatives in bridging the gap between theoretical learning and real-world application.

He stated, “Experiential learning is fundamental in journalism education. This industrial visit will allow students to contextualize their classroom learning and gain practical insights that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future careers.”

He further impressed upon the students to adopt objective and fearless Journalism, so that their work can bring change in the society. The visit also included interactive sessions with senior journalists and printing press operators, which provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the field of journalism.

Daily State Samachar’s editorial team shared their experiences and offered practical advice to aspiring journalists, highlighting the importance of integrity and accuracy in reporting. Students also had the chance to engage in discussions on media ethics, news gathering techniques, and the evolving landscape of digital journalism.

Students also expressed their satisfaction with the visit, stating that this visit was eye-opening. They said witnessing the entire process of news production – from conception to dissemination – has deepened their appreciation for the profession and inspired them to pursue excellence in journalistic endeavors.

Dr Pardeep Singh, Lecturer, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, University of Jammu on behalf of the Department extended gratitude to Managing Director and the entire team of the Daily State Samachar for graciously hosting the visit and developing a conducive learning environment for the students. Other faculty members accompanying the students included Dr Ravia Gupta and Kumerjit Chajgotra, Lecturers, Department of Journalism and Media Studies.

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